Maldives – Paradise?

“It’s been six years? Are you kidding me?”, my dad stared at me and my mom with utmost disbelief . It’s been 6 years since we had a holiday getaway from our busy lives. Work, Education.. these things had a knack of inducing monotony in us.

After much debating and discussions , the place was fixed. Maldives. The hotel hunting was indeed an unforgettable experience. Either its so expensive that it chokes you, or its less expensive and it still chokes you. Mostly it’s the former. Nevertheless we decided to go ahead with it. So the tickets were booked ,packing done, all the things in the list checked.

A Pleasant journey and an hour later,we reached a place , which God probably made when He was extremely happy! Any adjective you choose would be an understatement . Such is the beauty. You mostly have resorts scattered across various tiny islands surrounded by reefs. Seaplane or speedboats are the two most common ways of reaching it. We landed at our resort- KURUMBA MALDIVES. (

Thank God I’m writing since I was spellbound and dumbstruck at the beauty of this island. It’s not an experience which can be conveyed, it has to be felt. It was the finest place I ever visited. We were taken to our little cosy cottage and this was the view.



The next three days ran faster than Flash. The resort had so many activities to keep you engaged that we never switched on the TV at all!

I was fascinated with marine life right from childhood. I think that’s because I watched Jaws a zillion times as a child. Well I know what you must be thinking, but I can’t think of another plausible explanation.So I snorkeled twice.You needn’t know swimming for it. I ended up spotting 8 Reef sharks, *Jaws BGM* Let me stop you right there, they swim away from humans. A rare-to-spot sea turtle, dozens of tiny crabs,eels, Octopus and all sorts of beautiful fishes like this.



Parasailing is another thing which should be a must in anyone’s bucket list. As I soared higher, the boat that was pulling me was a tiny white blot in the deep blue waters. I could see the horizon with the setting sun. Endless and vast. A Perfectly calm and an unearthly silence enveloped me.

I realised that we live in a place so magnificent , yet we don’t realise it. So beautiful , yet don’t appreciate it. So powerful, yet we don’t respect it.We are so caught up in monthly targets, semester exams, bills to pay, buses and trains to catch that we don’t stop and think that we are just a tiny speck in this universe. A drop that makes up the ocean, a grain of sand.

They say time waits for none. But why race time? So next time, stop for a second when you step out. Smell that blooming bud, hear that chirping bird, absorb that warmth of sun’s rays. After all it takes less muscles to smile than to frown !



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