The UberMan

You need not have superpowers to be a superhero. We have superheroes amidst us who are in every sense ordinary humans. So what makes them extraordinary?

Simply put, their ability to bring about something worthwhile and positive in a person’s life. I would like to talk about one such hero today. An ordinary man with extraordinary power of kindness and compassion. This isn’t a story about a big sacrifice portraying epitome of selflessness, just a small story which may brighten up your day!

I had an interview recently and booked an Uber for it. The driver came a little late since he got caught up in traffic. So I informed him about my interview and the fact that I may show up there at the eleventh hour! He smiled and told me not to worry! And from then on the journey was at breakneck speed (he was a skilled driver). I was really tensed about the interview and the things I should say/not say was playing in the back of my mind continuously. He struck up a conversation about where I studied, about the job andΒ so on. I was defensive at first since I don’t encourage strangers asking me too many things. Maybe he sensed it and said his only intention was to distract me from the tension and make it breezy. Then he spoke about his family- how he had to discontinue his studies and start working at an early age to support his family. With a smile, he said, ” God was kind enough to give me education only till my 9th standard even though I wanted to study more“. It was not a complaint. He supported his family and helped them reach financial stability. His brother is well off now with a good job, his sisters are happily married. He is also a content man, happy with what life has given to him. By then, I had completely forgotten about the “tension” and was as relaxed as one can be.

We reached the destination, but I was unsure about the exact location. He dropped me off and directed me to the correct address. I was nervous about it being the wrong location and if so, it would extremely difficult to find another car/auto and make it on time for the interview.Β He said, “Don’t worry dear, I’ll wait here around without taking up any other ride. In case it’s the wrong place, I ‘ll take you to the right one and only then leave“. I was humbled by his kindness and thanked him wholeheartedly.

He had brought me to the exact place and on my way, I called him up and asked him to carry on. “All the best dear, you’ll do great in the interview. I shall pray for you! Go ahead and give it your best” and he hung up. Not only did I reach there on time, I was calm and composed throughout the entire procedure.

I was thankful for meeting a man like him that day. He took all the curveballs life threw at him gracefully. He was committed to his family, profession and society. He was compassionate and ever helpful to the people around him. He may not have millions in his pocket but he is a very rich man!

People like him who restore the faith one has in humanity are indeed heroes! So yes he is indeed an “Uberman”.



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