Once upon a time

Chapter 1 Long long ago, there lived a happy family. A father, mother, and their beloved daughter. The three were inseparable and close-knit. With all the fights, jokes, pain, and happiness, they lived in their small world. A happy world. The father used to ride every morning on a horse to his farm. The mother... Continue Reading →


A bucket full of happiness

I frankly cannot remember where and when I came across this hack. And my apologies for that. It's a really interesting idea which I wanted to share with all of you! Our entire life is like a sine wave ( Oh yes, the engineer in me takes a peek-a-boo), filled with ups and downs. If... Continue Reading →

The Sunshine Blogger Award

cmapillay : I'm thrilled with my first ever award. Thank you so much, Seema for nominating me for Sunshine Blogger award. You have been a great encouragement all along and I'm delighted that you found my work worthy of this. Lots of love! Guys do have a look at her amazing blog! 🙂 The rules:... Continue Reading →


The bride walked down the aisle her eyes weaving dreams about the new journey she was about to embark. Getting married to the love of her life, she couldn't contain her excitement and blushed like a fifteen-year-old. Her father was happy and sad at the same time. From today, another man would be responsible for her.... Continue Reading →

The UberMan

You need not have superpowers to be a superhero. We have superheroes amidst us who are in every sense ordinary humans. So what makes them extraordinary? Simply put, their ability to bring about something worthwhile and positive in a person's life. I would like to talk about one such hero today. An ordinary man with... Continue Reading →

The Security Guard

This is that time when a lot revolves around my blog. So I thought why not share with the world a small thought I had. Many of you may not have experienced it, but I'm sure some of you out there would be on the same page with me. We all go out to eat,... Continue Reading →

College- When you realise it’s over.

  The final bell rang. Instead of the usual cacophony of scrambling feet and benches getting pushed around, there was a deafening silence. All the friends looked at each other fighting off the urge to cry. Without uttering a word, volumes  were spoken. It was the last time we were all together in that classroom.... Continue Reading →

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