F-word? Mainstream. T-word? Shush!

"Aiswarya, come here!" I was startled to hear amma call me the full name instead of Aishu. As kids, we all know what that meant- deep trouble. I had casually said Fuck when my friends had surprised me for my 19th birthday, pretty loudly for that matter, which didn't go down well as you may... Continue Reading →

A 1000 Days Without You

As I muster the courage to write yet another ode to you, Acha, Mr. Tambourine Man plays in the background. It's Sultans of Swing that warms my heart and reminds me of the times I had with you, before everything turned into a rubble. I love to write, every single day. The only time I'm... Continue Reading →

Bright Like A Diamond

Red and fiery, stealing all the glances The flame hiding the charred soot Alone it stayed, big and wide My eyes shone, heart skipped a beat The gem I waited for and wanted This could be it, could it? Alas! A light so bright, dimmed the sparkle A soot so dense, spread the darkness Held... Continue Reading →

The One Last Time

We would have cherished a lot of things in life if we knew it was happening for the last time, right? To savor that moment, click a picture to frame it in your heart, and find the courage to reminisce when the moment's over? Yeah. This blog post is not for the optimistic, I-see-the-glass-as-full people... Continue Reading →

365 days.

I have seen it. Many times. Daughters and sons, pouring their hearts out whenever they miss a lost parent. But I couldn't bring myself to write about you then. I was not ready. I was in denial. I didn't have the courage. I dread that day. March 3rd. The day that you... It's been over... Continue Reading →

Neelufar & Aslam Khan

The size of a palm. White. Shivering. Lifeless. This is how my uncle found him. The kitten, breathing its last. He couldn't bear to see the little one in that state. The bike roared, and the gate swung open. An hour or two later, my aunt and brothers saw him return. He had a little... Continue Reading →

My Yellow Trampoline

I’ve been wanting to fly With wings clipped, a heavy heart The sky was just a dream   So I jumped and breathed Up, down, up, down The yellow trampoline Wishing it would rise Take me to the moon   Show me the light To those glimmering stars Sunken rocks at the heart of the... Continue Reading →

A bucket full of happiness

I frankly cannot remember where and when I came across this hack. And my apologies for that. It's a really interesting idea which I wanted to share with all of you! Our entire life is like a sine wave ( Oh yes, the engineer in me takes a peek-a-boo), filled with ups and downs. If... Continue Reading →

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