Tikku- The world’s worst best dog

The round, brown eyes that look at you with absolute innocence is enough to melt the toughest hearts. The yelps when he’s left behind while rest of us enjoy the evening makes you go aww! But don’t be fooled. These are all part of the bundle of mischief that he is! Tikku, our 23-month young labrador.

When my cousin and uncle went to get a puppy, the tiniest and most fragile looking one of the whole lot made his way to my cousin. My brother picked him up and realized this was our dog! There has been no looking back since then.

Even though he isn’t that plump compared to usual labs of his age, this guy has enough energy to knock off our balance. Each time I visit my grandma, he jumps and hugs me at first. Then he runs behind me like crazy before he settles down and acts his age!

My grandmother is a dedicated gardener who has nearly all the varieties of plant available in the city.  She has even shipped plants from overseas (No, not that fancy just my aunt and uncle at Dubai). One day, she meticulously planted some new variety and left contently. The next day, a heart-breaking sight greeted my grandma. Her entire garden looked like a field toiled with a tractor. The culprit had already fled the scene of the crime, but his paw-prints gave him away. From then on, a net was tied up banning him from the garden until he learned that plants are way out of his reach.

His favorite chew toy? Our finest footwear. I distinctly remember finding my slipper in shreds after I made the mistake of not leaving it on the shoe-rack overnight. When interrogated, the brown eyes were his weapon of choice. And I was on my way, shopping for another one and that too happily! I didn’t see that coming, damn!

He knows the entire routine in the house. Every morning at 5, he wakes up and waits at the front door. My uncle opens it to let him in. If my uncle oversleeps, Tikku makes sure he’s let in no matter what. He leaves the house when we are about to eat and patiently waits till dinner was over. In case we forget to let him in afterward, he whines his way in. All he wants is to be amidst us as much as he can. And he sure knows how to make that happen too!

You can smell trouble when Tikku goes into the room, and it’s incredibly silent. No matter how much my cousin tries to hide his shoe polish, this fellow finds it somehow and an intense tug-of-war ensues.
From knocking down my cousin multiple times to biting my mother’s hair when she stood with her back against him, this guy has been a Pandora’s box of troubles.

All the mischief aside, as he rests his head on my lap, his fluffy tail swinging like a pendulum, I always find an ear-to-ear smile on my face.

As I write about him, he’s staring at me intently, and by the looks of it, he has located his next target which would possibly be my laptop!

I’m forced to conclude thus!

Cheers! 🙂

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